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Friday, February 8, 2019

DANAKIL DEPRESSION - the hottest year-round place on earth - and most hostile. 120 meters below sea level on a buried active volcano -

Afar man with his gun

On a newly built road in the mountains on the way
to the desolate Danakil Depression. 
From 2400 meters above sea level to 120 meters

A rock in the great salt lake

A road of salt through the salt desert on the way
to Dallol.

A thermal hot water pool in the salt desert

Salt workers cutting blocks of salt to be transported
by camel caravans to faraway places.

Wend now thy way with brow serene
fear not thy humle tale to tell
the whispers of the desert wind
the tingling of a camels bell
(Sir Richard Burton)

Death in the desert

Bubbling hot geyser lake in the desert

The village Hamed Ela

Village alley

Salt Mountain canyon