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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

In Rajasthan & Gujarat - people, places and moments

Pahar Ganj in Delhi - This is where the journey begin and ends..

a partly excavated Harappan city dating 2650 BC

                                                                Greetings and respect

                                                      One of the daily walks for water

                                                                     We love cows

                                                      Grandma in her traditional Bhunga

                                                        A thorny Babul bush is the last
                                                      living thing before the Great Ran
                                     - the vast salt desert, a barren wilderness, desolation....

What is happening ?

In Rabari villages

Time for a smoke

Far away, hard working and very poor

Going home

Caring camel

                                                                   Nilgai antelopes

                                                                     Lonely places

                                                                         Salt Pans

Kuttias (arabic Dhows) in Mandvi on the banks of Rukmawati River. These big trading vessels are handcrafted according to old traditions and can carry a load of cargo up to 1000 - 2000 tonnes. The boats are build primarily to sea merchants in Arabia, the Persian Gulf and East Africa.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

MANDVI - a coastal town in Kachchh

Fresh coconut to drink? 5 rupees

Knock knock

I am ok you are ok

For the fun of it....

Anybody for a glass of sugarcane juice ?

She thought about matching colours 

The bidi smoker and the bidi maker

Mandvi street

Mandvi port area